The Santa Story

The Santa Story


It was dark cold night in December ,and the clocks were striking eleven. Everyone at the cottage were asleep and I was wide awake. I wanted to see how beautiful a snow flake is.

I remembered “ To appreciate the beauty of a snow flake, it is necessary to stand out in the cold”

It was difficult for me to move from my comfortable warm zone and go in the chilled winds outside the cottage. With great courage, I stepped out and went to watch the beauty of snow flakes. Around few minutes , I was out to experience the cold, to experience my strength of staying in the cold.

As I walked forward to see the darkest sky, I heard a loud sound.I was horrified. I started feeling warm as I was sweating from fear. After few seconds there was complete silence. When I decided to move forward something fell on my shoulder. Gaining anxiety, when I turned to see what is was I could see a bright white snowflake. I rejoiced and finally got to see what I wanted.

When it was time to move in I again got a sound. This time I got a sound which said “Ho-Ho-Ho”. I turned white and as soon as I was about to run into the cottage I got a wrapping sound.

Confused, I went behind to see who made the sound. There,I saw a  huge bearded and a jolly man . He was wearing a Red coat with white fur collar and cuffs, a red hat with fur and wrapping gifts in different sizes.

Santa Clause


Out of curiosity I went ahead to him and said “Hey jolly man, what is your name and  whose birthday are you celebrating at midnight?” “  He saw me with a happy face and said “Iam a gift-giver sent by Lord. People call me Santa Clause” Not wasting time further he came towards me and said Merry Christmas Child! May god bless you and gave me a gift.

Gifts always brings smile on your face. I was delighted to have a gift from him. He packed his bags full of gifts for children and sat on the one-horse open sleigh with all bells jingling his way. I shouted a Big Thankyou and went to the cottage.

Santa Clause on one horse open sleigh


So to make the December Night full of colors, follow

Be your own kind of Santa,

Happy Gifting.

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